Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High Peak of the Divine Revelation

              High peak--- intrinsic essence      ( time, space, height, depth,
                                                                          process, procedure ((living/issue))    

(God----- man)         -----encounterment--------union / mingling/ incorporation
   Deification            ----Golden---white---dark--- golden---golden totally
                                Time           God-------------man--------------------------God
                                Depth          of God-man relationship                       
                                                     Issue of Glorification----
                                                     Universal Divine & Human Incorporation
                                Space--- Divine &mystical realm
                                Ultimate Goal—New Jerusalem

                   Full ministry of Christ—
                   Believer---God’s organic salvation-----Reigning in life

                                      God-man living

                     Body of Christ--     Reality ------
                                                     ( Practise)---- Blending/Vital group

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