Monday, October 10, 2011

Internet Service- 15 Mins a Day-(for every saints in the church life)

Internet Service- 15 Mins a Day-

(for every saints in the church life)

A Blog---1 one prophesying draft per week –

(as recommended on the last page of every weeks HWMR—

Compilation for prophesying)------for SEO function on the net

2 gospel related article------ for gospel and SEO

B Group Texting—couple mins per day during MR time, to saints in small group or district, ( as recommended on daily MR,last section—

enlightenment and inspiration)—for mutual supply and shepherding

C Facebook & Twitter---posting encouraging reports, photos, videoclips per week

1 for the circulation in the one new man ( locally, regionally and globally)

2 for gospel outreach and shepherding new ones.

D Google Plus---

1 daily study of RcV with promising new ones--- 10 mins/day

( combined with face-to-face vital group of RSG weekly )

2 service prayer and fellowship

3 practical coordination

(within church or district or service group level.)

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