Friday, October 14, 2011

Psalm 45- Praising Christ as the King

Our praise can be uplifted by the principles unveiled in Psalm 45
   1 Praising Christ in his fairness.( v 1-2)
     ----He is fair, sweet and full of grace
   2 Praising Christ as king in his victory( v 3-5)
     ----Christ is riding on triumphantly
            His arrows are sharp in the heart of His enemies.
   3 Praising Christ as king in His kingdom(v6-7)
     -----God has anointed Christ with oil of gladness.
   4 Praising Christ as king in His virtues( v 8)
     -----All His garments  smell of myrrh, aloe and cassia.
   5 Praising Christ as king in the praising of the queen(v 9-15)
     -----Queen's beauty  with two garments are desired by the King,
   6 Praising Christ as king  in the praising of His son, His descendants.( v16-17)
    ----Christ will be praised by all the nations through his overcoming saints

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